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Hair Regrowth Problem

It’s a frustrating and very tiring task to search for an effective cure for hair regrowth in most of the cases. It’s obvious when you hear a lot of people try different products found on the shelves of the pharmacy to find a cure for hair regrowth. There is certain hair restoration for women products as their hair can get thinner and lose the shiny attractive appearance.

As a matter of fact, there is no magic or complete treatment to make hair restoration for men unless the hair regrowth product contains a range of hormone blockers, nutrients, vitamins and supplements for hair growth. This is because the hair loss issue completely separate from the regrowth of hair. Hair normally grows until a certain age. But having hair loss faster or more aggressive than the growth of hair, that cause a condition called baldness.

Hair loss causes and Hair regrowth solution

The problem of hair loss usually starts in males between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The result is the same whatever the cause of hair loss and baldness. It can be from a genetic, nutrition or medical factors, but knowing the underlying cause may help in the hair regrowth process.You can check for Brazilian hair extensions.:. The common cause of hair loss is a disorder known as Androgenetic alopecia. It is also referred to as pattern baldness as well.

Hair Regrowth Hair Regrowth

Androgenetic alopecia is characterized by a classic case of abundance of Dihydrotestosterone DHT (hormone) in the scalp. DHT cause hair loss in male pattern baldness. This is because a naturally occurring enzyme found in the body called the “5-Alpha Reductase”, reacts with testosterone and produces excessive amounts of DHT. This this the hormone where most of the hair regrowth solutions work on.

The hair consists of hair follicles and each hair has a periodical growth system known as hair cycle that have an impact on the hair regrowth treatment an is divided into three phases, the first stage of growth that forms 90 per cent of the scalp hair and lasts for three years, then comes the stage of decline that will last for few days only, it is a period of preparation to finish the final stage, the growth stops and hair is moving up and finally the stage of completion that will last three months and where hair fall to show new grown hair in the growth phase and the hair follicle produces about twenty one consecutive hair episodes throughout human life.

Hair consists of several substances like keratin, the protein that forms the outer layer of skin and the nails. The root hair consists of a thin colorless external protective layer and the middle part that gives the hair its toughness and color. The marrow is found in permanent hair follicles.

The root hair is found below the skin having an encysted part which receives nutrition through capillaries and a small gland that secrete oily substances, with the help of oil for dry hair you can give the hair brightness and make it more resistant to water and external factors. Finally, beneath the previous part, the cells that divide and produce new hair.

The hair follicles are generated in the fetus during its growth in the uterus, and no new follicles are produced after birth, this hair is thin and devoid of melanin, and this hair is usually falls at the eighth month of pregnancy, the first hair regrowth phase after birth is called the fluff birth, a high-and melanin-free hair regrowth to no more than 2 centimeters, and stayed in places free of hair, such as the forehead and areas infected with hair loss.

Hair regrowth factors and triggers

The hair regrowth process is triggered by the male hormones At puberty, the permanent hair replaces the hair at birth, which is longer and thicker and contains melanin and are usually influenced by the age or the presence of a medical condition or factors, physiological factors and the rate of growth of the hair is about 1 centimeter per month, faster in summer than in winter.

We are going to discuss all the options available for hair restoration, treatment for hair loss, and preventing hair loss to help men and women in the hair regrowth treatment journey.

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